Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Dexateens - Fyffe

Kathryn Tucker Windham on Alabama's Ghost Trail

Part 1

Part 2

Post on Mufon from Montgomery

This Was posted to Mufon few days ago from Montgomery. I can't find the video anywhere. Let me know if you see it or have any other information.

after watching this light replayed from where the night vision cameras recorded the bright light on top of neighbors hse @ 3 am SOMETHING GREY JUMPS OFF THE ROOF I did not c it with my own eyes! Then THE GREY CREATURE JUMPS BACK ON TO THE SAME ROOF! (everything was recorded by night vision cameras) For the last three nights starting at 3am we have seen that se light that was on my neighbors roof but up in the trees! I waited to see what would happen to these "star" Like objects In the trees. These star like lights slowlyove up the tree then come out the top of the tree as dawn gets closer they move higher up in the sky. I have each movement recorded. Then right before dawn you can see a metallic shape then when dawn breaks they can not be seen. There are a few other incidences too! I finally got a Flir and had thermally loocated something in the woods. As I kept a bright spot light on this image it made a weird noise a couple of x and all of a sudden myself and my 11 and 8 yr old kids saw what would look like a falling star. Only it sprung up from where I had been SHINNING the light on it . It flew up from the ground arched accross the neighbors house and went up into the sky! I can send u video of all of this! I really need someone to come witness this! *(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg). I don't know how to Attach video will email them I do have one on YouTube!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe - Dr Paul Francis at ANU, March 2010

Now this is the really frightening stuff!

This is a fascinating lecture, very long. I like his phrase "A more refined form of ignorance."

Hell's Gate Bridge

Here's a story about a bridge in Oxford, Alabama that supposedly has a mysterious history.

"It is claimed that if you drive onto the bridge and are brave enough to glance over your shoulder,you will see the flaming gates of Hell at the end of the bridge."

Hell's Gate bridge, in Oxford, Alabama.

Town of Fyffe

Don't forget about Fyffe.

In February of 1989 over 50 residents of Fyffe, Alabama, including the Police chief, reported seeing a large, silent craft in the night sky. It was described as "banana" shaped, or possibly triangular with visible, multi-colored lights. It reportedly flew directly over a number of witnesses, who claimed it was definitely not an airplane or helicopter, and that it was completely silent.

now holds an annual festival to celebrate the event.

New UFO shot in Alabama

I think this one is a fake.