Saturday, May 21, 2011

Earthquake in New Zealand? Unfortunately Still Alive?

By Lee Waites

Like you, I was disappointed to find myself alive this morning. I woke up prepared to not wake up, checked my duffel bag, checked the sky, then searched the Internet for the signs. I was certain that I would be feeling the rumble of the cataclysmic earthquake in New Zealand spreading to consume the Earth. Depressed, I made my coffee, woke up my kids and explained that, sad as I was to say it, we would not be dying, or floating away, or anything exciting today. They seemed in shock. It could have just been sleepy, but I assumed it was shock. The poor guys didn't know how to deal with it. They were in denial. They just stared at some cartoon while they ate sausages.

I went back to my search. I thought, perhaps the Internet is breaking down due to all the news, getting overwhelmed. Maybe all the news Media is floating away without me and not able to cover the story. I did try to load the Harold Camping website, the one who predicted this date, which wouldn't load. So maybe they were the only ones that took off, y'know, floated away

There were a lot of things I was looking forward to being destroyed. I still owe some credit card companies. My car is still in need of repair. The power bill is still due.

I was not looking forward to the gnashing of teeth and wailing, or any of the other various calamities associated with the end times. But it did seem like a more exciting day than the one I have planned. 

I know we're all disappointed. But I guarantee you someone else is predicting the end of the world sometime soon. What am I thinking? 2012 is right around the corner. Thank God! Do not unpack your duffel bag people. The best is yet to come!

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