Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Natured Paranoia

Amos and I have decided  that it's OK to have a little paranoia now that we're working the Mysteries Report. Of course it's easy to get yourself worked up over nothing. But, just now, while updating some features on the website, we heard a noise that made us stand up and start looking around for the source. We assumed it was the space heater fan going bad. So we kicked it around a change. We followed the noise into the kitchen...maybe the fridge was going haywire...nope.

We opened the back door and there, about 100 feet above us is a helicopter, hovering.  We smiled and stared at it for a minute. Probably not the best move if it was something to be concerned about. But it was so close...and positioned in such a way that we could see the pilot. and it was...just hovering. Well, just hovering doesn't capture the moment, when you consider how much noise and wind a helicopter makes. We both laughed and stared at it...each of us suggesting different scenarios as to why it was right there, both joking that it was watching us because we publish a paper.

I laughed and said I should at least get a video. Pull out my phone...point...error message! Won't take a video. Not that there was anything special about the helicopter. Other than that it was there...right above us, just watching.

This just now happened. We came inside and I wrote this. We aren't too freaked out. It was broad daylight. He was, after all, just looking at us. What's the harm in that. And the helicopter wasn't even black.

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