Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe - Dr Paul Francis at ANU, March 2010

Now this is the really frightening stuff!

This is a fascinating lecture, very long. I like his phrase "A more refined form of ignorance."


  1. I took the time to watch this all the way through, and it turned out not to be the chore that I thought it would be. The strange European fellow who introduces the awesome Aussie lecturer was a bit tedious, but he didn't stick around for long. I really enjoyed the focus on mind-blowing questions, rather than pat answers, but this lecture does literally contain the sum total of human knowledge regarding dark matter and dark energy. The anomalies are much more striking - why planets shouldn't form, why comets' tails are blown by unknown forces other than the sun, why super-massive black holes have no right to exist. If you're looking for heavy mystery, put down the Dan Patterson and check this out.

  2. I watched it all before posting it. I came to the conclusion that the answer to all of these mysteries is....ghosts.